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ERASMUS+, the perfect ally for funding your training

What is it about?


Being conscious about the need of monitoring one’s practices is one of the most important skills of a teacher/trainer. If you’re a French teacher abroad and you wish to keep learning about the new teaching approaches, in French in Nice we also have special trained staff to help you with it. Our fully trained teachers will share with you the latest methodologies and findings in the teaching field.


These are some of our offers


If you’re willing to learn any subject through a foreign language, our CLIL program (CONTENT & LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING) can be the one for you.

Our EMILE program, on the other hand, will be of great use if you want to teach a school subject in a foreign language. This program will help you optimize your lesson planning time. At the same time, we’ll offer you a ludic experience, that is we implement individual lessons but also in small groups to guarantee interaction and cultural exchange. Getting to discuss with other people is key in teaching, that’s why you’ll be participating in meetings with teachers from different countries of the EU.


Optimize your skills with French in Nice !


Throughout our many years of experience we’ve realized that the only way to help learners improve in a language is to focus on the essential points of communication. In this sense, we have built up a complete set of tools to help you communicate effectively, such as pronunciation and intonation activities. Another strategy for improvement is reading aloud. This is one of the tools that will help you feel more confident with your spoken language, since you’ll sound more natural and be conscient of the correct pronunciation and intonation. We are always monitoring our materials, that’s why we constantly modify our contents to suit the current interesting topics.


French in Nice will certainly help you improve your teaching methods as well, in order for them to become even more efficient. The tools will be given to you by our professional trainers for you to plan innovative and ludic courses. We understand that each student has their own linguistic techniques and learning style. French in Nice helps you blend your strategies with our methods to put into practice all your knowledge. One way of doing so is the use of the EMILE method.


What about technology?


It is not possible to deny the importance of technology in learning nowadays. Our team will make sure to share with you the current methodologies in technology for teaching. If you’re interested in more than enriching your teaching practices, you are more than welcome to join our English lessons too!




If you’re a student, we have two main options for you. The first one consists of studying abroad for 3 to 12 months. The second possibility is to do an internship abroad for 2 to 12 months.

These internships are only available for people who already obtained their degree. Pay attention too to the fact that some internship places must be chosen during your last year in college with the help of a counselor.

Academic staff can also make the most of these internships. However, notice that the duration for them is shortened: from 2 days to 2 months.


Are you an apprentice?


You can also do an internship with us. The year following the obtention of your degree, you’ll be interested in getting in touch with ERASMUS+. This entity offers scholarships for financing different internships going from 2 weeks to 12 months.


Currently looking for a job ?

French in Nice offers you :

  •  A test once you get here.
  • Flexible training programs depending on your
    needs and availability.
  • Vocabulary that suits your professional field
    and profile.
  • A learning process monitoring
  • The possibility of giving us feed-back on your


By the end of the training courses, we provide you with the possibility of obtaining a Bright-FLE certificate, by the means of our tailored final evaluation.

Professional Training

Any non-standard demands ?

learn french nice

Are you preparing for a citizenship interview ?

You don’t have to get ready alone. Our teachers will give you lessons about different aspects of France and its very rich culture. The whole team will make it easier for you to have all the necessary to pass this interview with the government entities.

Don’t forget you’ll need the B1 level of proficiency to obtain your citizenship.

All the administrative procedures will be piece of cake with our company, so don’t hesitate and trust us!

learn french nice

learn french nice

learn french nice

learn french nice