Is French difficult for you? Our customizable courses are waiting for you. We just need your motivation!

For Beginners


For all of you who want to start the adventure of learning French, we have the perfect program for you! You’ll be learning the essentials of the language in an intensive training course. Moreover, in French in Nice we guarantee the variety of the courses’ modalities, that is you’ll be having small group or pairs lessons.

What else do we need to complete these courses? You!

Do you feel that you need specific tools to improve? French in Nice will do everything to find them. Thanks to theses courses, you’ll go back to your country with solid bases in French.


Our “Vast” Program


This program allows you to focus on all the aspects of the language, going from pronunciation to grammar, to speaking, to learning French expressions and about the culture. Indeed, you’ll be learning about a great variety of aspects, that’s why we also propose activities that encourage you to practice the essential points and discover Nice at the same time.

If you’re looking forward to communicating in different situations of daily life, our team will provide you with the necessary tools for it. Progressing fast will be the main mission of our trainers! French in Nice School will always encourage you to practice your oral skills through discussions around the news and interesting topics.

french courses nice
french courses nice

A Special Program


The way it works


  1. Customized courses:

We’ll have a quick interview where we’ll get to know you and your availability. In order to schedule your courses, remember that they can take place any day of the week (except on Sundays) from 7p.m. to 9 p.m. Notice that these lessons can last at least 90 min.


  1. Courses wherever you want:

Our trainers can come to your house or workplace or you can come to our installations. It depends on what you prefer. The most important thing is to learn the language in an adequate space that makes you feel at ease.

A Two-Time Program


Why a Two-Time Program? This responds to two different modalities, the first time being lessons in the classroom during the morning. In the afternoon, you’ll be out on excursions visiting the city and learning about the culture and daily life in France.

This program is 100% customizable, depending on your availability. Morning lessons can take place in small groups or individually if you need to address specific subjects and possible weaknesses. In order to practice what you learn within real life situations, these excursions are the best scenario to do so.

One program: multiple possibilities


What is it about?:

The different steps are broken down to two learning methods. The first one is the classical learning methodology oriented by a teacher, whilst the second one is almost totally autonomous and supported by pedagogical material. Thanks to both approaches, you’ll acquire enough vocabulary and skills to communicate effectively in French.


The steps are:

First : French in Nice will give you access to our pedagogical platform 24/7 so that you can prepare for your Small Online Courses. A great variety of resources are put to your disposal in our platform: quiz, audio recordings, videos and many other tools.


Second : this step consists of several private lessons with our professional trainers. Our teachers are always available to answer your questions and doubts. Besides, the whole team will always take care of your progress by asking you about your experience in our School and taking into account your suggestions.


Tailor-Made Program


If your main goal is to become au pair, this is the program for you! Taking into account your availability, we offer you lessons in the evening but also in daytime. French in Nice will find a way to adjust to your schedule and free time.

Intensive Program


We give you the possibility of learning the basics of the language very fast, through writing and conversation workshops. Within a week you’ll find a great variety of programs lasting 21 hours. Depending on your demands and preferences, these courses will take place individually, in small groups or in pairs.

french courses nice

french courses nice

french courses nice